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Our Members Say It Best...    

Since joining ODX, I have found that there are many reasons to be a member of this special Alliance group. The main reason it is so easy to be a member of ODX, is that it costs me absolutely nothing. By using VSP lab there is a rebate program that makes my bottom line cost to ODX free. So for that reason alone, there will be no future monetary reasons not to continue with ODX. My actual cost is zero, in fact the rebate is higher than my dues.

There are many reasons that ODX is special and different than all the other groups I have joined in the past. We have all been to many, many talks where we get excited and implement ideas into our practices. Only to find one year later that we reverted back to old habits. The monthly ODX phone calls really help me keep on track with all processes that I have my office do. The phone call keeps you from reverting back. Also the calls keeps me informed on any new things that ODX has to offer.

The monthly webinars that I can view and watch at my leisure motivates and educates me. The Annual meeting in San Diego is informative and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be in San Diego.

Also you have a vast amount of information on the ODX website that seams endless. This is just a few things that this wonderful organization has to offer OD’s.

Keith Kajioka, OD

Educational resources available through ODX have become a cornerstone of our practice’s training process. Webcasts and training via the website are used weekly by the entire staff and the Doctors.

Steven Shum, OD

OD Excellence has been a great resource for our practice. We watch the webcasts monthly and as an example, have found the one on VSP eye med profitability to be quite useful.

Phillip Etchells, OD

OD Excellence has provided me with the business acumen and mind set of a true entrepreneur that balanced my clinical didactic training from optometry school. I knew exactly how to be the very best eye doctor for my patients, and OD Excellence helps to professionally ensure that my practice is profitable, enjoyable and be really what it's meant to be; a hobby for which I have great passion. Thanks to OD Excellence I am constantly abreast of the latest in our great profession, from medical diagnostic equipment to billing and proper coding, to proper management and putting systems into place so that I can truly direct my attention 100% to my patients, and therefore grow my clinic and maximize my profits without even thinking about it!

S. Steve Chander, OD, Clinical Director, Primary Eye Care Associates and Laser Center

OD Excellence is the best thing I have done for my practice. After implementing improvements I learned from Dr. McGreal's lectures, my monthly revenue increased. The information he provides alone pays for my monthly bill. The presentations are academically excellent and are relevant to my practice. I especially value his training on the proper way to bill. I value being able to access the archived lectures for reference and further improvement. If you're looking for results, OD Excellence will deliver!

Bob Fleischer, OD

"Since joining ODX I have learned from the leaders in our field the formula for sustained growth in an always changing environment. ODX has helped me to be prepared for these changes and ally with the best strategic partners to more than double my gross profit and cut unnecessary costs while still maintaining excellence."

Najib Albina, OD

With the help and the knowledge we gleamed from your OD Excellence Program, we were able to continue our growth despite profit margins becoming narrower due to the recession and the increasing cost of materials. By adding new technologies and instrumentation to provide our patients with more advanced care and learning how to properly bill, we actually increased our gross receipts by 5.3% during the time we have been an OD Excellence member. Your choice of lecturers has provided a great benefit to our practice.

Thank you for your personal concerted efforts to enhance all our practices to be able to provide better patient care and stay solvent in these special times.

Every optometrist needs to look at your program or those similar to yours to help them weather these times and to increase the level of care our beloved profession is privileged to provide for our patients.

Thank you for your role and that of OD Excellence in providing us with a platform for change, enhancement of patient care, and development of our practices.

Shaw Yorizane, Jr., O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Dr. Lieblein, I just wanted to thank you very much for both your time and your wisdom. I loved your "hard questions". It got me thinking and showed me how I can fix it. You show me what is possible! I've got some thinking to do and I look forward to speaking with you next month. At some point in time, I would love to hear how you built your practice to the level you did! That is astounding!

Dr. Sandra Lee, OD