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Guide to Using Your Worksheets


The journey that you will be taking to prepare your office for health care reform as it unfolds in your community is an individual path that is unique to you and your office.  The worksheets that are available to you through OD Excellence's health care reform program help you organize the process as well as document the important information that you gather.  The worksheets are only visible to you and the staff of OD Excellence. This will allow us to collaborate and guide you through the most efficient process to get fully prepared in the time frame that works for you.

Ready to get started?

Click on the button below to access your personalized worksheets. You will be prompted to log-in to ensure your information is secure. Please contact Jennifer Low at to obtain a username and password or if you have any difficulty logging in. Want more information about how the worksheets can be helpful for you? Click here for an overview and introduction to this tool.



How the worksheets are structured

You will be prompted to utilize specific worksheets based on the recommendations in the roadmap on the Home page of the Health Care Reform to Thrive Program. You can complete part of any worksheet and go back and continue to work later. What you have entered will always be there and you can use the worksheets in any order.

Below is a summary of some of the key worksheets which fall into the major steps in the Health Care Reform to Thrive roadmap.



Understand Health Care Reform

  1. Basic information on your office and practice
  2. Goals and vision statement for your practice
  3. Checksheet for compliance
  4. Checksheet of white papers read and resource materials reviewed

Connect to the Rest of Health Care in Your Community

  1. Research the status of health care reform in your state
  2. Research the status of health care reform in your local community
  3. Document the level of care coordination occurring in your community
  4. Document the empanelment plan for your community
  5. Prepare for meetings with local hospitals, health systems, ACO’s and coordinated care organizations
  6. Coordinate an eye care network
  7. Understand shared risk and ability to analyze your risk position in negotiating
  8. Understand contract requirements for Medicare recognized ACO’s
  9. Create your personal portfolio
  10. Checksheet to prepare for negotiations with ACO’s, health systems, provider groups and payers

Transform the Delivery System in Your Practice

  1. Activate Direct Messaging
  2. Get involved with a registry
  3. Put in place the leadership and change management process needed
  4. Gain enhanced access in your practice and to support the delivery team
  5. Implement patient-centered interactions
  6. Implement coordinated care delivery
  7. Enhance team based relationships
  8. Track clinical outcomes and analytics
  9. Implement a process of continuous improvement

Understand and Improve Quality Measure Scores

  1. Understand HEDIS and how to improve scores
  2. Understand STARS rating system and measures affecting eye care
  3. Understand quality rating systems and the effect you can have

Understand and Redefine the Expanded Role of Eye Care Under Health Care Reform

  1. Share in the total outcomes of the patient with the rest of the team
  2. Expand services to drive patient lifestyle modifications
  3. Support consistent messaging throughout the care process
  4. Fill the team role as the "Wellness" practice
  5. Become a community leader in health care reform
  6. Checksheet on CE courses available to expand your understanding of outcome based care delivery

Become Certified in Health Care Reform

  1. Understand the steps to certification
  2. Checksheet for certification