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information sharing meetings



What is it?

An Information Sharing Meeting is a gathering of colleagues to discuss ideas, knowledge and experiences for the purpose of improving your practice. At this meeting you will find that you will develop strategies that you could not have come up with on your own by listening to the information shared. A complimentary dinner will be served. 

Who can come?

All active OD Excellence members are encouraged to attend and bring one fellow optometrist. 


We believe that knowledge is power. Studies show 80% of doctors that share data with more than one colleague find working strategies that benefit all doctors. The more information that is shared, the better.


When Where Facilitator Register
 August 2, 2017 Online Webinar  Dr. Jerry Sude Click Here


Contact the OD Excellence office at (707) 433-5542 or


"In my opinion the most valuable part of being a member of ODX is having the opportunity to attend Information Sharing Meetings and hear from other doctors about their practices what they are doing different and learning from their success in certain areas and see how to incorporate that into my clinic.” - Dr. Manal Hajali 

“Most Docs really value being able to get together with other ODX members in person on regular basis. I believe that it is the number one reason why most ODs join groups such as ODX.” - Dr. Vlada Nakhlis