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OD Excellence has a wide collection of documents that will help your practice succeed. We publish articles, white papers, and sample practice forms so that our members can better use their time to care for patients and improve their businesses.

Road to Success Articles

The ODX Road to Success Manual provides a "playbook" to guide the management and operation of your optometric practice. Leveraging decades of experience in the "trenches", the Road to Success is a repository of the information you need. 

This document is updated regularly to add new and revise existing content to ensure you have the information you need.

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White Papers

One of the key value propositions that the ODX organization delivers to its members is its remarkable depth of expertise and knowledge. With decades of experience in the optometric profession across a wide range of disciplines, there's a lot of information to share. Here you'll find white papers on a wide variety of subjects for your usage.

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Practice Forms

OD Excellence also has a sample of general forms that are used within the optometric industry ranging from the below:

  • Employment Forms 
  • Vendor Relations Forms 
  • Medical Surgical & Surgical Procedure Forms
  • Patient Handouts 
  • Standard Office Forms
  • Optical Forms
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